The Savannah Gondolier

***Signed by author***

Her company was the prize in a late-night poker game.

Maggie didn’t need her Marketing degree to drive a trolley around Savannah for the past 14 years. When her father wins a run-down kayaking company in a poker game, she trades in her trolley uniform for a paddle and jumps at the opportunity to get paid for doing something she loves: kayaking.

He is a gondolier escaping from shame in Venice.

Leo once thought that being a gondolier was everything he ever wanted, but that all changed after his father’s accident and the circumstances surrounding it. When Leo decides to leave Venice, he is drawn to where his family spent their carefree summers: Tybee Island.

Will the water that brings them together divide them in the end?

Maggie must find a way to help Leo without losing what she loves. Beautiful places and lovable characters make this novel a stay-with-you-forever read.


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