Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions

Over 2,000 years of tradition
can lead to many questions and misunderstandings about the Catholic Faith.

Why do Catholics pray for the dead?…Is there humor in the Bible?…Is purgatory painful?…Is there a dispensation for missing Mass when traveling?…Can human beings become angels after they die?… Why is the color blue associated with Our Lady?…Was the Catholic Church the first one to say no to contraceptives?
Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions provides solid answers to hundreds of common questions asked by people just like you questions both big and small regarding doctrine, history, morality, the pope, saints, the sacraments, the Mass, prayer, Scripture, and much more.

Be more confident in your faith. Allow the why to enhance the what you do as a Catholic. Make better decisions. Be more prepared to pass on your faith to others. Feed your curiosity. Author, theology professor, and Catholic apologist Paul Thigpen ensures the answers are not only rock-solid, but also pastoral in their approach and written in everyday, relevant language.


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